The quarry and stone works was founded in 1983 by the three partners H. Geiger GmbH, Pfraundorf, Fiegl GmbH & Co. KG, Pleinfeld and Prince Carl von Wrede, Ellingen.
Over time the company has developed from a business with five employees and an excavation area of 30 hectares to its present-day size with around a hundred employees and a quarry area of some 90 hectares.

From an excavation quarry to a gardening and landscaping supplier

In the beginning, the quarry operated as a quarry which extracted blocks and gravel products. In the mid-1990s, an investment was made in the construction of a splitting hall for the production of gardening and landscaping products. This product line has proven over the years to be a very lucrative branch of the business.

New mining areas and expansion

The production capacities were soon no longer able to meet the increasing demand from the market. As a consequence of this, an investment was made at the start of the new century in another, larger splitting hall. Today it is apparent that this investment was the right decision.
Over the years, investments have also been made in further quarry areas. For instance, in 2009 further areas were acquired in what is known as the "Heklbruch", the parent quarry. In 2011, another 30 hectares of quarry area were acquired near to Rothenstein and quarrying has begun there.

We thus boast around 90 hectares of active quarrying area.