Weißenburg Quarry

Natural stone from the Jurassic period - the primeval period of the Earth

Schotter und Jura-Marmos aus dem Schotterwerk Weißenburg

When it was created, our raw material heralded the dawn of the modern geologic era.
Around 200 million years ago, the face of the earth fundamentally changed. The original supercontinent of Pangaea separated, creating the continents, and the animal kingdom spawned the first mammals. Benefiting from the greenhouse climate that prevailed at the time, the area of the Franconian Jura Mountains was covered by a gigantic sea. This resulted over millions of years in the formation of mighty limestone deposits up to 50 metres deep – the Jura marble. It is in this very area, a former sea from primeval times, that we extract our products today.

Roman roads, fortress construction - export hit

Jura marble was used as far back as in Roman times to build roads and forts, and the stones were later used to build fortresses and defensive fortifications. Thanks to the development of new processing methods, Jura marble found its way into the world of art and sacral buildings. Today it is found predominantly as an exclusive material used indoors.

Expansion and global exports

Schotter- und Steinwerk Weissenburg GmbH & Co. KG currently extracts Jura marble over an area covering 60 hectares. In our works, we process the blocks which are extracted to create products for gardening and landscaping, and to create gravel products for road-building and civil engineering projects. We pass on rough blocks to regional contractors for further processing. However, exports are becoming an increasingly important area for us, which means we can state with great pride that we are involved in a branch of industry that exports raw materials and thus a little piece of Germany as a product for which there is a real demand. To ensure that we can continue to be able to supply the market with our products, we have today (2011) begun the process of opening up another 30 hectares for mining.

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